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A trailer for a documentary series on video game developer Arkane Studios unveils footage from the long-since cancelled Half-Life 2: Episode 4.

by Sam Stone
May 22, 2020


While Valve has finally released its first Half-Life title in thirteen years with Half-Life: Alyx, a new documentary provides a look at a previously planned game that never was: Half-Life 2: Episode 4.
The video game documentary team Noclip has produced a new series examining Arkane Studios, the developer that worked alongside Valve on the planned title before its eventual cancellation approximately a decade ago. A trailer for the documentary briefly shows the player character battling enemies in darkened hallways with the franchise’s signature weapons.

Half-Life 2: Episode 4 was reportedly planned as a side story that explored the fallout from the original trilogy of episodes spinning out of the 2004 game. While Episode 3 was announced by Valve in 2007, the game was never released, while the unannounced Episode 4 was cancelled entirely.
In the meantime, Half-Life: Alyx brings players to events five years before the start of Half-Life 2. The game is released for Microsoft and Linux VR platforms, and follows the eponymous character who appeared in both Episode 1 and Episode 2.


The crowdfunded documentary The (Untold) History of Arkane Studios is produced by Noclip and premieres online next week.
(via Games Radar)


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